Tuff Stuff From the Buff


In 2008, former Buffalo, NY residents David Gracon, Marc Moscato and Julie Perini co-curated a traveling film and video program titled Tuff Stuff from the Buff: Experimental and Activist Film and Video from the Fringes of Buffalo, NY.  David and Marc toured and presented the program at a variety of locations around the Pacific northwest by bicycle.  Here is a blurb for the program:

“Out of the post-industrial ghost-lands of Buffalo, NY a media scene has emerged with an urgency, tradition and aesthetic all its own. With roots in early media activism of the 1970s, and supported by a network of artist-run initiatives, the city has only recently started to become recognized for its lo-fi, experimental and, above all, uncompromising body of film and video. This collection acknowledges the origins of this tradition, while focusing on contemporary examples of those persevering against the odds of creating media in a dying rustbelt town.”

Download cuartor’s essay as PDF.

Consult the Tuff Stuff from the Buff webpage for more information.

The 12th Man:


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