Book Chapters

Gracon, D. (2014). Through Being Cool: The Political Economy of iTunes in Randy Nichol’s and Gabriela Martinez’s (Eds.) in Profit, Power, and Paucity: Janet Wasko and the Political Economy of Communication, press TBA (In Press)

Perini, J. & Gracon, D. (2013). Tough Stuff from the Buff in Miriam Paeslack’s (Ed.) Ineffably Urban: Imaging Buffalo, Ashgate Publishing (In Press).

Gracon, D. (2009). The Independent Record Store as a Site of Cultural Resistance and Anti-McDonaldization — A Case Study of The House of Records in Robert C. Sickels (Ed.) The Business of Entertainment: Popular Music, Volume 2. Praeger Publishers. Download the PDF: Gracon Publication


Gracon, D. (2010). Exiled Records and Over-the-Counter-Culture — A Cultural Political Economic Analysis of the Independent Record Store.  Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Oregon.


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