Film and Video Projects (selected)

Ordinary Video Series, 2013, various lengths.  A series of short observational documentaries exploring the intersection of nature, media and socially constructed spaces.  Includes Strip Mall Nature (6 min.), where a flock of geese beautifully exist amongst anonymous car culture, vast parking lots and shopping areas devoid of character.

Walls of Sound — A Look Inside the House of Records, 2012, 63 min.  This project examines the cultural significance of the House of Records, and independent record store based in Eugene, Oregon since 1972.

Where the Cicadas Sing, 2006, 20 min.  A found-footage (shot by David Tatsuno) meditation on the interment of Japanese-Americans in Topaz, Utah during WWII.

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? 2004, 23 min.  A diaristic account of a two-week “Reality Tour” through modern day Vietnam.

Where the Eagles Soar, 2003, 7 min.  A surreal documentation of a packaged tour of the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea.

Flower Viewing in Tokyo, 2003, 3 min. A documentary video comparing homelessness and the tradition of flowing viewing in Tokyo, Japan.

Nomachi Sports Day, 2003, 6 min. Documentary of a Japanese sports day competition.

Portrait of a Protest, 2002, 7 min.  Documentary of the FTAA Rally that occurred in Buffalo, NY.

The Elevator, 2002 1 min.  Experimental representation of the 9-11 tragedy.

Imperial Tourism, 2001, 28 min, MA Thesis.  An experimental documentary exploring the post-colonial implications of cultural representation, globalization and the English language in contemporary Poland.

How Memory Works, 2001, 8 min.  Abstract video and audio collage exploring the limitations of memory and recollection.

Breaking the Chain, 2001, 3 min.  Experimental video and audio appropriation challenging the cultural construction of gender and sexuality.

We Ride Bikes!, 2000, 8 min.  A documentation of Buffalo’s first critical mass bicycle ride.

Unreal is Here, 2000, 3 min.  Experimental video dealing with the hyper reality of contemporary media and entertainment programming.

A Star is Born, 1999, 20 min., Senior Thesis.  Documentary exploring the complexities of gender construction at a student beauty pageant.

The 12th Man. (1997/2008 re-edit), 4 min.  A documentary exploring the fan culture of the Buffalo, Bills.


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